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Unsolicited Advice From An Artist And Web Designer Who Has Been Promoting Himself On The Web Since 1998.

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Posting to Instagram From Your Desktop Using Safari

You Have A Website... Now What?

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AdWords Help

AdWords Review, Keywords Research, Management, Testing and Landing Page Optimization can find new markets, better qualified customers, and more conversions.

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AdWords Optimization Can Lead To More Impressions And Clicks For Less Money.

Landing Page Design

I design and build clean, fast-loading mobile friendly landing pages specifically made for:

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Landing Pages Increase Your AdWords' Quality Score And Increase Conversions.

Website Consulting & Troubleshooting

I offer a variety of consulting, design, and management services for clients with exsiting websites.

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Website Editing, Trouble-Shooting, And Optimization.

Website Design for Small Businesses

I specialize in fast, mobile friendly, goal-oriented websites for small businesses.

My typical web design clients are busy, independant service professionals and small brick-and-mortar business owners who need a website that communicates thier most important information to perspective clients and customers quickly.

If you're thinkng of using Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or any other DIY web service, please read this White's Paper first to so you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY site.

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You need a website. I have coffee. Let's get started!

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