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Whether you're looking to get started with Google AdWords for the first time or have an existing AdWords account, getting a better understanding of how Google scores the quality of your ads and what you can do to imporve that quality can:

I am available for on-site AdWords Consultation & Tutorials in the Portland, Maine area or anywhere else via Google Hangouts or Skype.


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Google AdWords SetUp, Management & Reporting

AdWords Set Up and Management Services for the busy business owner that doesn't have time to improve, refine, and monitor existing campaigns or do the setup and research required for new campaigns.

Custom AdWords Reporting gives business owners the most important, useful information they need to best judge the performance of their campaigns.

No contract required, fully customized monitoring and maintenance to fit your budget and AdWords Advertizing goals.

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AdWords Management Rates start at $25 a month.

AdWords Management & Reporting Rates start at $25 a month.

Keyword Reseearch

Researching keywords related to your products or services can help you reach more customers and in some cases, introduce you to new markets.


Find More Keywords. Get More Customers.

AdWords Landing Page Optimization

Having a great AdWords Ad is only part of the equation. If the ad leads to a page that is too general, or only partially focused on the subject matter of the ad the visistor clicked, you may be losing customers and wasting money.

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